At TRATA, we were raised “in the sea” and our love for fish is what we call “family business”.

Decades ago, when canned fish was starting to become known, TRATA was the first and only Greek seafood brand able to win over the hearts of the public with its quality and taste, and found its place on the family table.

As the years went by, the success of our TRATA sardines and anchovies from the Aegean Sea was followed by a wide range of seafood with tuna, tuna salads, herring, octopus, musky octopus, and more…

We’ve always been steadfast on quality, variety and innovation. We continue to invest in technological equipment, infrastructure, our people, and research. From the first robotic production line of sardines and anchovies in the world, to our real wood-fired oven for smoked fish and our new production lines of chilled and frozen seafood, we do not rest, but we keep evolving.

What characterizes us even more than our commitment to progress and development, however, is our commitment to our fellow humans and the environment, as we strive to do good, whatever it takes!

Listening to the needs of modern society for greater convenience, nutritional value and variety in flavor, we develop innovative products, always with respect to biodiversity and sustainability.

We are proud of our global innovation, the TRATA smoked tuna, the only tuna smoked naturally in a wood-fired oven, which became a consumer favorite around the world and inspires us for more tasty suggestions. Our rich and flavorful range of seafood has grown to include our plain smoked tuna, spicy smoked tuna, smoked tuna with lemon and oregano, our innovative tuna salads with smoked tuna and modern superfoods, such as legumes and quinoa, and also our latest category of Tuna Pocket and Salmon Pocket, which come in a new, practical no-drain pouch.

With youthful enthusiasm, curiosity, and a need for creativity, we continue our journey at sea, never hesitating to shake things up whenever needed.

Because only when you dare, you become a better version of yourself!